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Asked a question last year

How many of you're supposed to give class 12th board examination in 2022?

Shiuli ghosh
Me and i want to score good marks in cs board examination...
Ankit Pahuja Computer Tutor
Perfect Shiuli ghosh just be active here & you should be good for your board examination. Feel free to ask questions :)
Sir what do I get if I pay?? How is it different from free resources that are on your website and other like you.
Ankit Pahuja Computer Tutor
Minad answered your question - plus at the moment - we're only offering important questions bundle and all the info is here:
Hariom Mishra
Sir are you running any course for 12 cs
Ankit Pahuja Computer Tutor
Hariom Mishra We'll be starting one from August. If everything remains smooth, we'll start in August. I will make an announcement here in the group on the launch day. Keep a check for it in this forum.

Note: First access will be given to forum members :)

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