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Python Revision Tour
Python Revision Tour
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In this group we will only talk about Python Revision Tour.

Check YT Tutorials for Chapter 1: Python Revision Tour

  • Install Python on your laptop: Here
  • Tokens in Python: Here
  • Bearbones of a Python Program: Here
  • Variables & Assignment: Here
  • Input/Output in Python: Here
  • Data types in Python: Here
  • Expressions and Evaluations: Here
  • Statement flow control: Here
  • If conditionals in Python: Here
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CS 12th Board Examination Plan + Imp Resources 👇

21 Days Preparation Plan (1hr/day)

  • Day 1: Tokens, Input/Output, If-Else-If
  • Day 2: Looping Statements, Jump Statements
  • Day 3: Strings, Lists, Tuples
  • Day 4: Dictionary, Python Functions
  • Day 5: Python Libraries, File handling
  • Day 6: Input & Output Error Streams, Recursive... (More)

Hey Vaibhav, 

It takes a while to create videos and publish them. In the meanwhile, find all relevant resources to score 100/100 in your board exam here:

In case of doubts, feel free to ask me :)

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